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Defeating Dengue: 10 Natural Ways to Increase Platelets in Dengue

increase platelets in dengue
How to increase Platelets in Dengue?

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral contamination that influences a great many individuals overall every year, so the method to increase platelets in dengue is one of the most important factors in modern times. One of the most basic parts of overseeing dengue is keeping a satisfactory platelet include in the blood. Platelets assume a critical part in blood coagulating and forestalling unreasonable dying. In this blog, we will investigate ten regular ways of helping platelet count and backing your body’s battle against dengue, with a specific spotlight on the catchphrase “increment platelets in dengue.”

1. Hydration is Key

Remaining hydrated is fundamental for by and large wellbeing, and it turns out to be significantly more pivotal during dengue fever. Drinking a lot of liquids, for example, water, coconut water, and natural teas, can assist with further developing platelet creation and forestall drying out, which is normal during the disease.

Healthy Fruits to Increase Platelets in Dengue

2. Nutrient-Rich Diet

Eating a decent and supplement rich eating routine can fundamentally affect platelet count. Remember food sources rich for nutrients C, D, and K, as well as iron and folate. Citrus organic products, mixed greens, nuts, seeds, and lean proteins are incredible decisions to support platelet levels normally.

3. Papaya Leaf Extract

Papaya leaf remove is known for its capacity to increment platelet include in dengue patients. It is a traditional remedy that has gained popularity for its potential therapeutic effects. Consult a healthcare professional for the correct dosage and usage.

4. Kiwi – The Powerhouse of Vitamin C

Kiwi is a phenomenal wellspring of L-ascorbic acid, which assumes a crucial part in upgrading platelet creation and supporting the resistant framework. Add kiwi to your diet or prepare a refreshing smoothie to reap its benefits.

5. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are wealthy in fundamental supplements, including magnesium and omega-3 unsaturated fats. They can help stimulate platelet production and improve overall blood circulation.

6. Spinach – Nature’s Superfood

Spinach is packed with iron, folate, and vitamins that can aid in increasing platelet levels. Incorporate spinach into your diet through salads, smoothies, or cooked dishes for maximum benefits.

7. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is prestigious for its therapeutic properties. Consuming aloe vera juice can support platelet production and boost the body’s defense mechanisms against dengue.

8. Herbal Teas

Certain natural teas, like ginger tea, green tea, and chamomile tea, have insusceptible supporting properties that can assist with combatting dengue and advance platelet development.

Take Rest to Increase Platelets in Dengue

9. Rest and Sleep

Satisfactory rest and rest are fundamental for the body’s recuperating interaction. During dengue fever, the body needs additional opportunity to recuperate and recover platelets. Guarantee you get sufficient rest to help with the recuperation cycle.

10. Keep away from Ibuprofen and Non-Steroidal Calming Medications (NSAIDs)

During dengue, pivotal to stay away from prescriptions can slow down platelet capability, like ibuprofen and NSAIDs. These prescriptions can build the gamble of draining and demolish the condition.

How to Increase Platelets in Dengue?

Conclusion – Increase Platelets in Dengue

Defeating dengue and increase platelets in dengue is a crucial aspect of recovery. By following these ten natural ways, you can support your body’s fight against dengue and improve platelet production. Make sure to remain hydrated, eat a supplement rich eating regimen, and consider consolidating papaya leaf separate, kiwi, pumpkin seeds, and other platelet-helping food sources into your day to day daily schedule. Additionally, prioritize rest and avoid medications that can interfere with platelet function. Continuously counsel a medical services proficient for customized guidance and therapy.

Increase Platelets in Dengue


  1. Are these natural remedies safe for everyone? While normal cures are by and large protected, individual responses might differ. It is fundamental to counsel a medical services supplier, particularly in the event that you have any basic ailments or are taking different drugs.
  2. Can I rely solely on these methods to increase platelet count during dengue? These natural methods can complement medical treatment but should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Continuously follow your primary care physician’s proposals.
  3. What amount of time does it require to get results from these cures? Results could move starting with one individual then onto the next. Predictable utilization of these cures, alongside legitimate clinical consideration, can add to a quicker recuperation.
  4. Can children consume these platelet-boosting foods? Indeed, youngsters can profit from these supplement rich food sources. Be that as it may, it is ideal to counsel a pediatrician to guarantee proper measurements and wellbeing.
  5. What other measures can I take to prevent dengue infection? Forestalling mosquito nibbles by utilizing anti-agents, wearing defensive attire, and wiping out stale water around your living region can assist with lessening the gamble of dengue contamination.

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